Agriya FPPlatform Advantages

  • 1. The first platform to build fixed-price marketplace/jobs at ease
  • 2. Has many revenue options (Affiliate module, Commission collected for every purchase)
  • 3. Smart implementation of SudoPay Payment Gateway.
  • 4. Multilingual support
  • 5. Site can act as escrow and when agreed, seller will be paid after taking site commission; when rejected, the whole amount will be refunded back to buyer
  • 6. Ability to set, who can pay gateway fee (Seller(default) or Site) or both (Seller & Site)
  • 7. With MVC and plugin based architecture
  • 8. High performance and cloud ready
  • 9. Growth hacking plugin for improving user growth
  • 10. Integrated dispute module along with activities tracking page. Will reduce Payment Gateway support
Clone of
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